Mayor Zimmer: The Comprehensive Interview pt. 4

In part four efficiency and privatization questions with the Hoboken Library as a possible candidate, a pilot program for school vouchers, Councilman Ravi Bhalla’s proposal to move elections to November, and dual office holding for elected positions.

The question on being elected to multiple positions leads to a broader discussion on potential conflicts of interests and how this has been addressed in a most recent City Hall hire.

Looking for good news on what’s been “uncovered” in City Hall leads to a limited upside on animal control.  NJ Transit and an aggressive strategy is outlined with the public playing a role in presenting a better alternative.

Judy Tripodi’s response to the Mayor’s and Council President’s press release earlier in the week is raised.

Timing of the opening Pier C and the possible legal issues with the birds filing suit of eminent domain is raised. (That’s a joke.)

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