Mayor Zimmer "We are this close" to deal on hospital

In a packed lobby of HUMC, Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced substantial progress in settlement negotiations that would clear the way for the City to sell the hospital to Bayonne’s Holdco with optimism a deal may be announced as soon as later today.

An announced agreement among the creditors committee, a group discussing accepting an improved offer would remove the last obstacle for the hospital sale of HUMC.

The mayor declined to detail the improved offer only stating it did not come from the State or the City of Hoboken.

The mayor said if the settlement with the creditors is finalized a closing sale date could be anticipated on October 7th.

During Q&A, the mayor was asked if she would have done anything different considering the obstacles placed by a council minority that refused to give her one vote for a supermajority of six required for a bond ordinance.

“Absolutely not,” the mayor replied, adding the process had been conducted properly.

The mayor also stated she heard news of the State’s $5 million offer the following day while at bankruptcy court in Newark yesterday. She later told MSV a call came from Governor’s office late morning and his office then sent out a press release that hit Hoboken like an M-1 Abrams tank.

Update: The mayor announced via her twitter:
“The creditors committee is still debating approving the sale of Hob u medical center.A yes vote means preserving 1300 jobs. Hoping for yes!”

Complete video to follow.

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