Mayor Zimmer: ‘Angel Alicia never told me he met with FBI Informant Solomon Dwek’

The Jersey Sting, the state’s largest corruption sweep in its history back in 2009 took its place front and center in the discrimination trial of former Public Safety Director Angel Alicia.

The discrimination suit alleged by Alicia claims he was victimized due to the issue of his efforts to institute drug testing in the Hoboken Police Department. A September 2009 Jersey Journal article however uncovered Alicia meeting with Dwek back when he was a council candidate on Peter Cammarano’s ticket earlier that year.

Mayor Zimmer recounts in her testimony Angel Alicia had denied to her meeting Solomon Dwek.

Denials surrounding that meeting later led to his resignation when it was uncovered in a Jersey Journal story by Amy Sara Clark the Public Safety Director had met with the FBI’s ‘big sting’ Solomon Dwek, not once but twice.

In the video, Alicea’s attorney attempts to find something, anything to deflect from the basic problem in his case looking for any possible error in Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s testimony to attack.

None of these revelations bode well for Alicea’s civil lawsuit.

Talking Ed Note: Alicea resigned when confronted with the truth of his meetings with Solomon Dwek. The matter should have ended there. In its place is the embarrassing fiasco of a trial where Alicea is being raked over the coals.

His attorney Louis Zayas is also representing Carmelo Garcia in another civil lawsuit against the City for what Garcia calls “ethnic cleansing.”

Sidebar: The Hoboken mayor may not have known she had kept on Cammarano’s Public Safety Director Angel Alicea after his meeting with Solomon Dwek but the OLD GUARD KNEW!

A political staged diversion at the early April 2011 City Council meeting saw a finger pointing distraction madly looking to aid and abet Beth Mason’s ally – Councilman Michael Russo who had hidden his meeting for two years with FBI informant Solomon Dwek.  (Russo would tell a bagman at a Jersey City lunch to make out a $5,000 illegal contribution to “Russo for Hoboken.”)

A coordinated Masonista effort was marshaled to try to protect Russo from the complaints being made by a line of residents at the council meeting following an earlier protest by dozens of Hobokenites in front of City Hall.  A leader of that protest, HHA commissioner Jake Stuiver would later reveal he went ahead and released information on Beth Mason meeting with Solomon Dwek because she wouldn’t.  (She didn’t take any Dwek loot but took Stuiver along to the meeting two days before the spring 2009 mayoral election.)

Anyone remember this staged performance?

Notice the complicity with the chair in allowing the hijacking of the subject (improper against council rules) on what MSV calls Michael Russo FBI surveillance night.  Who was chair of the council meeting?

Beth Mason.

The Hudson County TV video notes it was Councilwoman Beth Mason who brought up Alicea’s meeting with Dwek (in the April 2011 City Council meeting).  Mason’s attempt to deflect from Michael Russo was stopped by the Corporation Counsel noting Alicea had not been given any legally required Rice notice in advance.  The resolution before the council of course was about Russo.

The attempt to spin Michael Russo accepting a bribe into an attack on Alicea in what the Mayor and the public didn’t know backfired.

Related: MSV followed its Hoboken exclusive breaking March story with this one leading into the April 2011 council meeting –

Taken in total, it’s a window into the Old Guard philosophy and tactics as they circled the wagons on behalf of Michael Russo.  A toothless resolution was put forward by Russo cousin Councilwoman Terry Castellano with Timmy Occhipinti and Beth Mason in support backed by then sixth ward councilman Nino Giacchi.

They all knew about the Public Safety Director Angel Alicea meeting with Solomon Dwek two years earlier but never let on choosing to wait to use it for political advantage when the chips were down for Russo.

This is the type of mental gymnastics they do all the time and is a window into their souls.  Remember that in January 2014 and spare us any kumbaya nonsense.

The Jersey Journal article where Angel Alicea is reported to have claimed he never met Dwek.

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