Mayor to City Council, re: Municipal Garage closing Friday- it's urgent

Office of the mayor announces:

Mayor Zimmer Announces Emergency Meeting

An emergency City Council meeting has been called for tomorrow night, Tuesday, August 10th at 7:00 regarding the sale of the municipal garage. The Council will be briefed by the City’s environmental and legal professionals, and requested to conduct deliberations in closed session due to the potential for litigation between SHG (Hekemian) and the City of Hoboken. A vote on a resolution to provide direction to the City’s redevelopment counsel, will occur in public session.

In addition, Mayor Zimmer announced that she intends to introduce the budget at the first meeting in September rather than the August 11th meeting. This action is necessary due to a number of issues, including further analysis regarding the municipal garage based on the results of the emergency meeting. In addition, further assessments regarding the cost of potential legal exposure in a number of matters must be completed prior to introduction of the budget, as well as a full evaluation of the number of potential retirements.

“The introduction of the budget is the beginning of the process for the City Council to perform its duty to review our City’s budget,” Mayor Zimmer said. “I want to provide the Council with the best starting point possible, and therefore my Administration needs additional time to fully assess the potential impact of significant issues related to the budget.”

Talking Ed Note:

The City is clearing out and has a 10 day cure period while awaiting the State DEP certification. The Developer has been attempting to even sabotage the city leaving and they may have been trying to prevent the City from setting up ANYWHERE and vacating for this Friday’s close.

Have you heard a peep from those people running the No on Jackson St. Website? Nope and we emailed them on developments as they were breaking. Nothing but crickets.  Part of the racket of deception?  They appeared to recently have been advocating for the developer’s position.  Now why would they be carrying that pail?  Their issue was to keep the “threat” of the temporary garage from Jackson St.

MSV is breaking our usual protocol here in refraining from commenting on releases from the city to suggest there is a battle looming dead ahead.  It would appear the war will be surrounding the $2.55MM deposit as the Developer is now going to reap the reward for their earlier actions.

Now the whole developer’s deposit may well be at risk.

There’s don’t mess with Texas and now there’s a new sheriff in town with new rules here for developers. Word is hitting the street, “Don’t mess with Hoboken!”

Let Hoboken411 and its deranged minions spin this with their web of lies and deceit as they’ve been working to sabotage the city’s efforts to handle this properly and predicting failure to vacate the garage.

 About to go down hard again. Enjoy!

Related: Earlier MSV reported exclusively Hoboken’s legal department had ordered the developer to cease and desist their interference on the Municipal Garage site.

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