Mayor to Carmelo: No million dollars for you!

A message equivalent to “no soup for you” is the message from Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer to Carmelo Garcia, he of ethnic cleansing infamy in his attempt to extract taxpayer money.

The shakedown civil lawsuit originally charging Hoboken’s first Jewish mayor with “ethnic cleansing” was filed by Louis Zayas back in August 2013.

At the first hearing back in late December 2013, Hudson County Superior Court Judge Lawrence M. Maron ordered Zayas not to repeat the inflammatory language in his courtroom before throwing the lawsuit out.

The court described the civil suit as both “offensive and insufficient” a message Carmelo Garcia did not wish to hear. He’s been refiling and amending his lawsuit ever since.

Garcia and Zayas are once again reportedly threatening to refile their ethnic cleansing lawsuit after both the City of Hoboken and the embattled Hoboken Housing Authority refuse to yield to their demands they be handed over $2,400,000 of taxpayers money.

This is not how the shakedown is intended to work.

Back in 2013, Mayor Dawn Zimmer was a candidate for re-election and the civil lawsuit was obviously believed to be the perfect political tool to extract money out of Hoboken City Hall before an election where she would not wish to have controversey surrounding her name.

Garcia took out his trusty tape recording device and asked for a meeting in NYC with the mayor’s husband in the hope he could get build some trusty entrapment conversation to his advantage. (The only person exposed for any proposed wrongdoing in the filthy exercise was Garcia himself.)

The Old Guard has misread the mayor on many occasions, particularly regarding her fortitude. She has an inner streak more akin to Margaret Thatcher than Bernie Sanders when it comes to how she treats city funds.

Hoboken’s Iron Lady refused to bend to intimidation in 2013 leading into a mayoral election and she’s dug in refusing to budge today.

According to a story on Grafix Avenger, the shakedown attempt demanded is $2.4 million divided equally between the City of Hoboken and the very financially strapped HHA. (Of course the latter inherited a financial disaster from the very person charged to ensure the good health of the agency who is suing them: Carmelo Garcia.)

Shameless doesn’t begin to accurately describe the atrociousness of this gutter ghetto threat from Hoboken’s shady ethic cleanser.

The appalling mess left in the wake of Carmelo Garcia’s contract termination is out sized by the lengthy controversies of his actions much of it unreported in other local media.

Whether it was a scathing internal audit or handing out millions without the legal authority to do so to vendors who in turn handed him thousands of dollars in loot, Garcia always has a ready made excuse and manages to slither away from the long arm of the law.

His silence over recent weeks however, since the arrests of his former Chief of Staff, Chris Campos has gone beyond raising eyebrows. The whispers on the street are becoming a low murmur and rumblings the handcuffs may not be far off this time being openly discussed.

Meanwhile, a withered Old Guard seeks to move forward as if their coalition mate last November no longer matters. Rumors of meetings sought to smooth over the latest corruption problems are claimed in the works to settle the jangled nerves of would be mayoral candidates next year.

As reported in MSV Premium earlier this week, one meeting between Carmelo Garcia and Chris Campos is said to have already taken place. Oh to be a fly on the wall and not a horse.

The years long shakedown could see itself suddenly and permanently off course.

Carmelo Garcia wants you. Not you per se, your money.

Related: Last November, the Garcia headed the Carmelo Ticket in the city ward races when he ran one of the most dirty campaigns in recent memory against City Council President Jen Giattino.

Other media failed to note the obvious conflict of a candidate seeking to represent them on the council while simultaneously suing them.

The Carmelo Rat Tapes are exposed after a boondoogled effort by his attorney.

Carmelo million dollar shakedown graphic courtesy Grafix Avenger

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