Mayor sidesteps City Council in eminent domain bid with dozens of tweets

The end of term effort by Mayor Zimmer to push for using eminent domain against Union Dry Dock became a hotter issue leading into the council meeting tonight with a massive Trumpian twitter dump.

Mayor Zimmer who has yet to confer with the City Council on the issue after cancelling meetings sought with her on the north end of Hoboken, launched a massive twitter dump yesterday pushing for eminent domain. In one among dozens posted yesterday she states:

In another tweet, Zimmer makes a vague accusation against Fund for a Better Waterfront and anonymous council members about secret negotiations of a trade for “higher density” elsewhere.

In one tweet, the Mayor’s twitter account points a finger at Councilman Mike DeFusco who is running for mayor:

The Hoboken City Council subcommittee on the North End reportedly has sought a meeting with Mayor Zimmer for months but she cancelled the scheduled meetings. Second Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher highlighted the situation on Facebook yesterday voicing her frustration on learning about Mayor Zimmer’s push for eminent domain via dozens of tweets.


Several backers of the Bhalla campaign arrived attempting to push for eminent domain but Fisher maintained her posture about the lack of any communication with council members to date. The political hot potato will be on the agenda at the administration’s request tonight.

Talking Ed Note: It’s unknown how the City Council will react but Mayor Zimmer will have two votes lined up in favor of her late term eminent domain bid tonight: Jim Doyle and Ravi Bhalla.

The rest of the City Council was kept in the dark. Just don’t call it political. All this lack of transparency is good governance. Politics and the Hoboken election has nothing to do with it.

Mayor Zimmer has called for a special closed session before the City Council meeting. The council members will finally get to have their eminent domain discussion. The public isn’t invited.

As for Mike DeFusco, he is backed by Jim Vance who is with Fund for a Better Waterfront and made a contribution to his mayoral campaign earlier. But who would be negotiating or attempting to do a land deal in the administration’s final days behind Mayor Zimmer’s back?

Yes folks, this is Hoboken.

Update: It gets murkier by the minute. Fund for a Better Waterfront has come out against the City Council voting for eminent domain against Union Dry Dock.

On twitter, MSV asked if it had anything to do with Jim Vance already contributing $1,000 to Mike DeFusco’s campaign?

Another question by MSV however pointed to Mayor Zimmer’s less than veiled accusation of FBW and Mike DeFusco negotiating behind her back with Union Dry Dock.

Oh yeah, this is Hoboken.

FBW tweeted a response and a denial or is it a non-denial denial?

MSV followed with another relevant question:

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