Mayor salutes BoE slate Forward Together victory

Hi MSV readers,

I’m pleased to share the news that the Forward Together ticket of Jen Evans, Sheillah Dallara and Irene Sobolov was victorious on Tuesday in the Hoboken School Board Election!  

Congratulations to Jen, Sheillah, Irene and the entire campaign team for running a positive race on the issues that matter to our local schools.

While I know some of us were disappointed with the results of the national elections, on a local level it was refreshing that so many people got involved in the school board election. Seeing a number of new parents and volunteers invested in the campaign made me feel especially great about the future of our schools.  No matter which candidates you supported on Tuesday, I’m confident all parents, residents and school board members will work collaboratively together to make our schools an even better educational experience for our children. 

Once again, thanks to all candidates, volunteers and activists for participating in our local school board election.

Dawn Zimmer

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