Mayor Ravi Bhalla uses taxpayer paid security to stop Councilman Mike DeFusco from attending community meeting – in his own ward!

Coming only hours after the BromarGate scandal broke on MSV yesterday, Hoboken’s rookie mayor Ravi Bhalla showed that playing politics on community time and the community dime isn’t over.

Councilman Mike DeFusco who is a rival who hasn’t forgotten how he was defamed and eventually defeated with the use of a very politically-inspired “terror flyer” in last November’s mayoral campaign, found himself on ice, again.

According to his Twitter feed, DeFusco attempted to attend a community meeting in his first ward at Marine View. But he was blocked. Not figuratively, not theoretically but quite physically.

Ravi Bhalla who maintains taxpayer-paid security for alleged threats received earlier this year deployed that taxpayer bestowed gift to physically block the first ward councilman from attending.

MSV would ask the mayor’s office for comment but they don’t have the guts to reply. Since they’ll all be reading this in the early am in the mayor’s office, they can submit an explanation excuse at their leisure. Or alternatively, they can send a friend to do it on their behalf in the comments section.

Perhaps the mayor’s office will respond after having it approved through the new Hoboken collective mayoral entity MSV dubs Bromar.

“I have two more tickets for the public meeting in the first ward. Mike DeFusco, you are hereby banned! My armed security is prepared to shoot you on my command if you attempt to cross the threshold of the doorway. Any guard on my detail who fails my political cockblock may also be immediately shot by me on my decree”

Talking Ed Note: This is inherently a less than “inclusive” act to literally and physically block the first ward councilman from attending a publicly held meeting in a building of his constituents in his own ward.

Would former mayor Dawn Zimmer ever do that? No, and she suffered great slings and arrows from some dastardly foes. (Mayor Zimmer would actually announce their presence leading her remarks.)

MSV has reason to believe that Ravi Bhalla’s taxpayer-paid security is inherently as political as his actions here.

Why is Ravi Bhalla blocking a councilman from a public meeting of his constituents right in his own ward? This isn’t the first time he’s blocked a council member from participating at a public event either.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with Councilman Mike DeFusco on any issue, blocking the first ward council representative from a publicly held meeting of his constituents in his own ward is the worst political cockblock in Hoboken in recent memory.

Expected that Ravi Bhalla would be a disappointment but he really takes his political ambitions to ridiculous heights. He just scaled a new high or low, depending on your personal affinity for political cockblocking.

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