Mayor Ravi Bhalla issues dozens of layoff notices and readies higher taxes

A slew of municipal layoff notices in the dozens hit the street with the mayor’s office preparing a budget expected to deplete millions more this year from the surplus and an inevitable tax increase higher than the one he proposed last year.

Welcome to the world of Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s Hoboken.

An economic boom is underway across the country but in the Mile Square City, its depression era municipal job cuts, splurging on the surplus and a fat tax increase for Hoboken taxpayers.

How’d this happen? Let us dial back a single calendar year. What were Ravi Bhalla and the office of mayor doing? Rolling out a three-percent tax increase to residents while issuing themselves fat double-digit raises.

Later that spring, the City Council would go line by line and identify areas for additional savings in an effort to roll back the Ravi Bhalla tax increase to less than a little over one-percent.

How did Ravi Bhalla and his office respond? They took the battle to Trenton in an effort to counter any of the City Council’s reasonable spending reductions.

So here Hoboken sits staring at a blank wall asking why?

Mayor Ravi Bhalla scooting 

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