Mayor Dawn Zimmer thanks “unbelievable team effort!” in CLEAN SWEEP!

Team Zimmer announces:

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Dear Horsey & MSV readers —

We did it!  It was a Clean Sweep thanks to everyone’s unbelievable team effort!  Thank you to everyone who helped to make it happen from making a donation, hosting a meet and greet, knock, knock, knocking on doors and more doors, calling, calling and calling potential voters, writing letters and emails to your neighbors, to standing at the Path and ferry in the freezing cold and rain to GET OUT THE VOTE for the Zimmer Team and Kids First Team!
Thanks so much to the leadership of Mollie Binotto and her amazing core team of Ross, Christian, and Maddy who helped us reach 12,000 people online for FREE with her cool Buzzfeed post.  Thanks so much to Susan Chait for once again bringing her creative expertise to ensure that our message reached voters, and our t-shirts were the MOST visible!

There was a core online and print team working with her and we thank you all for your unending effort to making sure that we clearly got out our message in every way possible!

Now the really exciting work continues and I hope you will all continue to be involved!  We need you for planning the park in the Southwest, we need you for designing a Complete Washington Street, we need you for the Monroe Center and so much more so please stay involved! 

Dave, Ravi and I cannot wait to be sworn
in together with Jim Doyle! Congratulations again to the Kids First team of Leon Gold, Irene Sobolov and Jennifer Evans!
Thank you all again!  With your support, we will continue to Lead Hoboken Forward!

Mayor Dawn Zimmer

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