Mayor Dawn Zimmer: ‘I’m here to stay as mayor’


Mayor Dawn Zimmer who finished the first year of her second term is not resigning for unstated reasons repeatedly published by the Hudson Reporter.

A reliable source at City Hall pointed to recent remarks by the mayor and dismissed the repeated unsourced utterings that Mayor Dawn Zimmer is resigning.

The mayor’s public comments however, point to the possibility of a third term.

Last fall, Mayor Dawn Zimmer was a presenter on the issue of urban resiliency in Detroit and made the following remarks.

“This is a tremendous opportunity and I want to stay and see this through,” the mayor said adding, “that may take me into my next term.”

Last night, a Hoboken Patch report said the implementation of the $220 million Rebuild by Design flooding plan will be a 7-10 year project. For Mayor Zimmer to see through winning the award and its implementation, a third term as mayor would be needed.

The second flood pump installation in Hoboken however will begin early this year and is estimated to be online in approximately 16 months. The second pump will focus on the area of west Hoboken around Shoprite.

MSV has made an official request and inquired if HR Editor Caren Matzner will be publishing a retraction.

Mayor Zimmer speaks on Climate Preparedness and Resiliency in Urban America at Meeting of the Minds from Hoboken NJ on Vimeo.

21:10 – Audience question: When are you running for congress?
23:00 – Mayor Zimmer: I’m here to stay as mayor. I want to get this done. So that’s my focus.
23:22 Mayor Zimmer: This is a tremendous opportunity and I want to stay to see this through, and that may take me into my next term.

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