Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces disaster relief fund

Earlier this afternoon, Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced a disaster fund for the City.  More details and alternative means will be available to make donation but for the moment it’s snail mail.

Please make out checks or money orders to:

Hoboken Disaster Relief Fund
c/o Hoboken at City Hall
94 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Hoboken is a lot more than the Cake Boss and Sinatra.  All donations are appreciated!

The City is accepting donations of water and non-perishable food at the local high school at Clinton and 8th Street.  Hundreds of volunteers have been aiding in the distribution with the National Guard.

Talking Ed Note: A secondary report of a conversation with Senator Brian Stack sounded optimistic about power coming online in the next few days.  But PSE&G states there are challenges with replacing and repairing damaged equipment from the flood waters.

The power situation as a result is very fluid and the recent progress was rigged with the Hoboken University Medical Center in mind.  It’s unclear how quickly the rest of the system can be brought back online due to the flooding damage.

The Jersey Journal quoted a PSE&G spokeswoman earlier:

“Hoboken’s situation is more problematic, Fitzgerald said. Its substations are still flooded, leaving about 60 percent of the city’s 30,500 PSE&G customers without power. Fitzgerald did not offer an estimate of when power would be restored in Mile Square City.

“There’s so much damage, it’s a different animal,” she said, adding that PSE&G crews will be in Hoboken Saturday attempting to rectify the problem there.”

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