Mayor: Come to support/speak at Our Lady of Grace in support of Hospital sale Thursday

Dear friends,

Please come and join a community meeting with the State Health Dept.
this Thursday, 6-8 pm at Our Lady of Grace Church, to help save
our hospital and save our taxpayers.    
The proposed sale of the Hospital to the principal owners of
Bayonne Medical Center is a huge opportunity for our City, an
enormous win for all of our residents.
The transaction achieves two objectives few thought possible – it both
 saves the Hospital and relieves the City of its potentially crippling
$52 million loan guaranty.
I urge you to make your voice heard to help this incredible opportunity
succeed. The alternative we face if this transaction doesn’t succeed
is bleak.
Without this sale the hospital will close. The financial situation
at the hospital is severe, and there is no time to negotiate
another deal.  
Opponents of this transaction, for their own personal reasonsnot reflecting the interests of Hoboken’s residents, claim that the
Hospital can survive even if this transaction fails.
They are simply wrong.  
Unfortunately, it is the residents of Hoboken who will pay the
price for their mistake if they are successful in sabotaging the sale.
The reality of HUMC‘s financial situation is that there is simply
no other choice.
If the proposed sale does not succeed and the hospital is forced to
close, the City will not only lose a vital institution that has served
our community for 150 years, we will face the financially crippling
reality of having to satisfy our $52 million bond obligation, as well
as millions of dollars of additional costs associated with closing
the hospital.  
This will likely result in higher taxes and reduced City services,
damaging both the finances and quality of life of Hoboken’s residents.  
Here’s all the information for the meeting this Thursday:

What: Special request from Mayor Zimmer regarding sale of Hospital

What’s involved: Speaking for 3 minutes in support of sale of HUMC
to principal owners of Bayonne Medical Center
Why:  Selling HUMC will save our hospital and the taxpayers of Hoboken
When:    Thursday, July 21, 2011, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Where:   Our Lady of Grace Church, 422 Willow Avenue
Please come and speak if you can.
Thanks for listening. 


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