Mayor: ‘City could be under five feet of water’

Mayor Zimmer making another appearance at Hoboken City Hall urged Hoboken residents to get out noting the power of the hurricane could put the city under five feet of water in a worst case scenario.

Combining the highest tide of the year, the concerns are the city could be hit with water from both the south and also from the east with an overflowing Hudson River.

The mayor said cars needed to be taken off the streets or the storm could destroy them with the amount of flooding likely to occur.

Fire Chief Blohm said residents needed to avoid flood water as the risk of electrocution from downed power lines was a severe threat. Residents should avoid contact with the flood water as it conducts electricity.

The mayor noted businesses should close and the city was deploying row boats.

Yesterday the mayor urged residents to use time wisely and pack up and leave.  For those who chose to stay she noted they should be prepared to see electricity out, have food for at least three days and fill the tub and sinks with water for flushing purposes.

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Talking Ed Note: For those who are looking to stay please review all the available City information (also listed here at MSV).

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