Mayor Calls Special Meeting: City Council to confirm City’s interests no longer need protecting on Monarch Project, Al Arezzo and a host of others

Hoboken Special City Council mtg 2-22-12

As Yogi Berra said, it’s deja vu all over again. Yes, it’s another special edition of let’s have a Hoboken City Council Special meeting.  This one comes next Wednesday making it three consecutive City Council meetings on consecutive Wednesdays.

But hey who doesn’t love more City Council meetings?  MORTe must love special meetings because they need more information or the dog eats their homework so often we’ll need to start all over again – from scratch.

Among these items is the Monarch Project’s legal costs.  Councilwoman Beth Mason was squirming in her seat when she was told that the deadlines to meet on the case could be missed by not providing the funding needed last Wednesday.

The special meeting has thirty-three (33) legal matters listed, each with its own resolution where the City Council will vote to state there is no need for the City to continue the legal case.

Among them: the case of the Al Arezzo, Bill Campbell (is Mason paying his lawyer?), the Monarch Project, Tumpson, Lt. Andriani, and each resolution states the “Council does not intend to fund further representation.”

Each of the 33 resolutions then add that the attorneys involved stop working.

After listening to Councilwoman Terry Castellano it’s hard to know which way she’ll vote.  She seems to root for the people suing the City.  MSV recalls in speaking at a City Council meeting asking her not to publicly speak against the City’s (and taxpayers) interest in the matter of the Municipal Garage.  As it turned out, the City did not lose the case as the Anti’s have repeatedly insisted over and over was going to happen.  (Or were they just rooting for that outcome for petty politics?)  That the public would even need to ask an elected official not to do so is just remarkable.

After leaving the microphone Castellano immediately did it again.

Let’s call that vote a wild card.

The language on each legal resolution is worded exactly as above.

Talking Ed Note: The Council can go through each resolution and argue them on the merits and vote accordingly.  It could be a long night if resolution number four – the collective emergency appropriation is not approved.  Resolutions five through 33 would then require individual action.

MORTe wanted a cost figure analysis done for the last special meeting Council members Marsha and Cunningham left in protest.  Councilman Michael Russo thinks it’s a good idea to play politics some more with that and wants a resolution to give the costs of the meeting to those two members.

How much is he willing to pony up for all the special meetings he’s caused due to needless obstructionism?

Of course we all know the answer.  After all this is the Russo’s we’re talking about.

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