Mayor and Police Unions salute new contract agreement

Mayor Dawn Zimmer held a joint press conference with the representatives of the police unions: Sgt. Ed Drishti who represents the police officers and Detective Vince Lombardi who represents the police rank and file to declare a satisfactory conclusion in the agreement reached and approved at last night’s City Council meeting.

In addition, Captain Ed Garcia stood in on behalf of Police Chief Falco to highlight the measures planned for this Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  As part of the Hoboken Police Department’s efforts, DWI checks will be conducted at unannounced locations around town.

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Here’s a brief video of today’s press conference:

Apologies to Detective Vince Lombardi as his remarks were not complete when a tape error occurred.  An interview with Mr. Lombardi had been scheduled earlier.  MSV will be printing it soon after.

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