Maureen Sullivan’s ineligibility to sit on the BoE rescinded minutes before BoE meeting

With no approval letter from the NJ Department of Education as the other eight BoE trustees, Maureen Sullivan obtained an email approval mere minutes before tonight’s board meeting rescinding her ineligibility.

Maureen Sullivan showed up for the BoE meeting tonight after flouting the NJ State law on criminal background checks  in 2011.  MSV will be detailing that story.

As of the end of business today, Maureen Sullivan was still ineligible – this after ignoring the NJ law on criminal background checks and repeated warnings from the State over months.  BoE members in the State of NJ faced a deadline to complete criminal background checks by the end of 2011.

Sullivan withheld the truth of her non-compliance from both the public and media even as it was in full force through all of today.  Yesterday Hoboken Patch claimed all Hoboken BoE members completed the criminal background check.  This wasn’t the case as the approval only came this evening.

An exclusive story detailing the true story on Maureen Sullivan’s flouting State law will appear on MSV tomorrow.

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