Master Plan tonight @ 7:00

Hoboken is taking a much needed look at its Master Plan and tonight’s meeting in the basement of City Hall is where the conversation starts.  If you can’t make it there for any reason, you can do so here at your convenience.

Earlier today, Councilwoman Beth Mason sent out an email release highlighting tonight’s meeting.  Last year she introduced a concept plan including a minor league ballpark.  For those that missed it, the details of that story is here:

Recap:  Over 50 residents jammed the downstairs meeting room for the Planning Board meeting with well over a dozen public speakers.  Some technical glitches and apologies for that as operating from the basement not the easiest.

The existing Master Plan was reviewed and many speakers spoke outside the scope of the original and what should be the vision for the future instead requesting their own personal wish list.

Some speakers did understand the underlying issues from the previous Master Plan and spoke about the concerns due to Hoboken’s massive development in the 90s and the current glut of condo and housing stock and the negative tax impact (or the woeful lack of one) thereafter.

This is the beginning of the process.  It would be better to hold future meetings upstairs. For a summer meeting the room was overflowing.

Related: The Hoboken Journal posted pictures of the four new members: Nadia Mian and Rami Pinchevsky (Class IV members) and Daniel Weaver and David Dening were appointed as alternates.

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