Masonistas dread Beth Mason running for mayor again

Dwindled band of Masonistas turn on Beth Mason as frustrations grew with her 

Years ago most voters in Hoboken saw Beth Mason not as someone doing what’s right for Hoboken but whatever satiated her quest for power. When Beth Mason dumped her phony reformer “cred” and officially signed up with the Russo Clan in 2009, the bottom fell out as Hoboken paid for a marriage made in hell.

As most recognized what Mason’s move implicitly revealed about her and quickly moved on, a hardcore handful stayed aboard hoping her money could buy them power, influence and jobs.

Here’s an email among Mason’s dwindled minions destroying her as they critique the second ward 2011 council campaign and openly discuss among themselves jumping ship in the next mayoral election in 2013 and going with Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.

This is a true email exchange dated May 11, 2011 from Ines Garcia Keim and Sara Stojkovic with litigants Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Lane Bajardi. The topic of discussion is how most everyone on Beth Mason’s 2011 council campaign is paid and getting off the Hoboken Titanic:

During the disjointed spring 2009 Mason for Mayor campaign, Lane Bajardi grew frustrated his years long efforts putting together the campaign platform was seeing revisions submitted by others. (This was a topic at trial with perjury de jour aplenty but that’s a topic for another day). Here Lane Bajardi says “I love you Beth but…” and includes Ricky Mason at his work address:

This follows with Ines Garcia Keim telling Lane Bajardi it would have been better to tell a “stressed” Beth Mason that’s why we’re here, to “write” your “stuff:”

Lane Bajardi would reply to Ines Garcia Keim saying he “didn’t care anymore.” (This didn’t happen obviously and there’s more than a couple of emails later where Bajardi goes to Beth and Ricky Mason beseeching help to sue Hoboken residents.) Here, Lane tell Ines it’s more important he help her get on the City Council then see Beth Mason mayor of Hoboken which he calls a “distant third” objective.

Fast forward to November 2012 after Hurricane Sandy and the discussion turns to MSV’s skepticism about the Beth Mason Civic league “charity” (later proven correct with political operatives on the payroll). It becomes a similar concern with the impact:

Then there’s this lament suffering as a Mason minion due to years of “Beth Blowback” assuaged by heavy rationalization calling the mayor an “evil person.” There’s no pushback whatsoever to the reality of “Beth Blowback” and the fact “Beth does not have a single friend in the second ward that would host a party for her…” leading into the 2011 council campaign.

A regular lament among the last Mason minions: being linked to Russo clan corruption. Here Lane Bajardi refers to an eruption where Michele Russo received media attention. In this partial email, he refers to them as “the 3rd ward wing of La Famiglia” with Kimbely Cardinal Bajardi, Ines Garcia Keim and Sara Stojkovic.

Being linked to Hoboken’s first family of corruption is a common problem. In 2011, MSV’s stories directly led to the release of FBI surveillance video where Councilman Michael Russo is seen agreeing to a series of bribes. The video becoming public in the spring of 2011 causes frustration as it’s “dragging our reputations down with them!”

Talking Ed Note: One last exchange including Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi, Lane Bajardi, Sara Stojkovic and Ines Garcia Keim about the Russo clan and a needed Catholic ceremony:

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