Masonista panic: Hoboken Moms turning on our Hoboken411 propaganda

In early 2011, the six Hoboken City Council ward races are around the corner that spring and the control of political news and information in the Hoboken blogosphere among Beth Mason political operatives is seen as critical to her advancing a political career.

Lane Bajardi in literally thousands of emails with Hoboken411 blog owner Perry Klaussen is seen submitting almost all political content on the website popularly known as Mason411: right down to the letter with the captions, headlines, jumps and photo direction.

Bajardi also deployed numerous screen names to comment underneath his own stories to influence and control Hoboken public opinion on the rigidly censored website with the clear objective of advancing Beth Mason’s political career.  (One limited example is seen in the Trial Exhibit D82 published on Grafix Avenger.)

In a February 10th, 2011 email, there’s Masonista trepidation with the subject titled:

“Hoboken Moms are bashing 411 and spreading the word”

Hoboken411 is the propaganda blog deploying rigid iron-fisted censorship where Lane Bajardi was ghostwriting almost all the political content over years (although he denied it in certified court documents).

This email below sounds the alarm Hoboken411 is not able to control all political views in the Hoboken blogosphere. It’s clearly an issue of major concern for Beth Mason if she is to hold power as chair of the Hoboken City Council.

The email is from Sara Stojkovic to Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Lane Bajardi. Full names of Hoboken residents have been removed to protect the innocent.

As seen on Grafix Avenger, Beth Mason’s political operatives obtained private personal information from Hoboken411 blog owner Perry Klaussen. They then pursued further personal information on Hoboken residents’ employment and homes for nefarious political purposes.

But first, here’s one of the many unfortunate victims who’s clearly guilty of not supporting Beth Mason, Hoboken411’s propaganda environment and thinking for themselves (otherwise known as having a clue). This email comes at almost the exact same time in February 2011:

Lane Bajardi in an email identified as Red Haven informs Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 there is a political operation underway against one former resident and asks for “any further info on her.” The “hate” mail may be nothing more than mild criticism of Hoboken411 or Beth Mason.
That’s how the Boys of Hate at Hoboken411 roll.

A partial unedited email around the same time shows the obsessive concern with the truth getting out about Hoboken411:

From: Sara Stojkovic <>
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 7:28 PM
To: Kim Cardinal <>; Lane Bajardi <>
Subject: Now Hoboken Moms are bashing 411 and spreading the word

— In, “Amy xxxxxxx@…> wrote:
> I would agree with this. I used to read Hoboken411, and I felt that it had some good information. However, in the past year or two, I truly believe the owner of the site has really “gone off the deep end” and has stories that are very negative, completely wrong, and downright ridiculous. If he just kept to police reports, restaurant and store opening/closings, and stayed out of the political stuff, it would be fine. I do not consider Hoboken411 to be a credible news source whatsoever. In fact, it’s sometimes laughable.
> I like to read Hoboken Patch, Hoboken Now (, Hoboken Journal, and the Mile Square View. I would not say that I am complete Zimmer supporter, but after having lived in town for the past 15 years, I’m very skeptical of political motives. A lot of very shady stuff has gone on in this town, and there is much cleanup to do.
> I was very impressed with the discussion that went on last week about educational philosophies of homework, grades, etc. I felt like everyone posting had valid points, and I liked how civil it all was.
> I believe that people are must nastier on the internet than they would ever be in person, and for that reason I just really laugh stuff off and never take anything personally.
> Amy
> — In, kevin xxxxxxxx wrote:
> >
> > I stopped visiting hoboken411 and know dozens of others because of the
> > constant ranting. It used to be informative but then turned into a sounding
> > board for the guy who runs the site and his preferred commentors. He banned
> > some people who disagreed with him ag points.
> >
> > Sure, forums allow people to respond without looking at someone’s face which
> > changes the dynamic of interaction. So they get heated sometimes. Hoboken is
> > an awesome town and I love it there but I moved in part because of the
> > differences of opinions on who belongs there.

Lane Bajardi and Beth Mason after a late December 2010 City Council meeting. The pro Beth Mason work of the “Axis” went  a lot further and is a lot worse than anyone imagined.

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