Mason411’s owner reaches deeper into the gutter with ugly Christmas innuendo

MSV reader Politrickery submitted this tidbit from over at the cesspool of Hoboken411 noting the obvious overtones and the allusion to the occupant of the the mayor’s office.

Here’s the vision of Christmas and Hoboken only Perry Klaussen of Mason411 sees:

Does Hoboken hate Christmas?

Perry Klaussen giving Hoboken the finger every day

There’s a reason behind parking sign verbiage

For some odd reason, more than a couple emails had been sent to Hoboken411 over the past few months, all critiquing the simple parking signage in various parts of town – Wondering why Christmas Day is written as “December 25th” instead.
Well, while the city did screw up the Christmas Lighting on Washington St. last year – having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to replace lights that were discarded as part of (the still ongoing) Municipal Garage Debacle – it’s not as bad as you’d suspect. There’s a simple explanation why these signs are worded the way they are.
In this picture, for instance – the three holidays that are consistent – are listed by the day of the month. The rest vary year to year – and are listed by their formal name.
Makes sense, right?

Obviously having Dawn Zimmer running things at City Hall is really disturbing Das Klasussen.  What’s so bizzare is how he’s focused on something like this as spring rolls in.  It does show the mental weakness of mind, not to mention the wobble of a screw.  What would his sponsor and friend Beth Mason say about this?
And that’s the nicest thing MSV can say about it.

Had enough of this invective?  Maybe consider pitching in to stop his sponsor.  Citywide elections are on May 10th.  Lend a hand why don’t ya.

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