Mason411 drowning in its lies On the Waterfront

The bad news with yesterday’s City Hall announcement detailing the engineering report’s cost revelations to repair the waterfront is doubly bad for some.  Can you guess who is trying to cover their tracks after politicizing the serious business of inspecting the piers and pumping its usual litany of party line lies first?

Hoboken411 went all out taking the less than professional assessment last fall by Boswell engineers and went with the on the fly conspiracy putting out its usual  “I hate Zimmer,” screed:

Another moon landing conspiracy theory?  There was no problem on the waterfront according to Mason411’s favorite “news” outlet always pumping out bile and the party line.

According to Hoboken411, no inspection was required and it was just a waste of money to perform the due diligence.  Didn’t that get us into the trouble we are in today under prior mayors in the first place?

It’s always great to hear from the anonymous Hoboken people in these hit jobs.  Hey, but it does keep the other Mason conspiracy minion busy when they talk to each other.

Here’s the attempt yesterday at whitewashing the truth yet again:

A normal person attempts to point out the obvious truth but Mason411 sticks to conspiracy theory.

Maybe Oscar needs to take the Mason411 boys of hate for a short walk on a long Pier A.  You just can’t make up this kind of mental lunacy.

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