What really happened with Beth Mason’s massive street money operation and FBI “correspondence” last summer?


Last August, MSV finally obtained the details of Beth Mason’s $52,000 in street money.  On July 1st, in an interview after a City Council meeting, Mason claimed the complete campaign report was filed, but it hadn’t.  Much later the details of her massive street money campaign would be separately filed and revealed in detail here.
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Did Beth Mason really pay Michal Russo’s expectant wife $1,000 with her so close to delivering a baby girl Russo himself would mention had already been born on election night?

At Church Towers Mason doled out nearly $8,000 to individuals close to the Russo’s including Michael Holmes’ wife ($1,500), his in-laws ($1,000), Ray Monaco Sr. and Jr. ($1,200), David Machuca ($1,000), Ahesette Santiago ($1,000) among others.

Were all these monies paid out to to the Russo family and Russo loyalists clear across town from the second ward for campaign work or was it tribute for other election activities of a nefarious nature?

A year later, these and other payments including some odd itemized payments to Bluewater Operations remain suspicious.

Who is the mysterious Alex Lesiak (Lesniak?) listed as paid more than $4,000 but with no address listed as legally required?

This laundered campaign report smells as bad almost a year later as last August.

The Feds should take a close look at the report and all the individuals.
Let’s find out what these payments were really made for!

Talking Ed Note: At a special meeting of the City Council last June, then chair Beth Mason complained her effort to zero out the surplus was being obstructed by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs who were required to approve the Hoboken budget.

They declined to do so citing numerous clearcut financial errors forcing the Hoboken City Council to make the corrections in July when lame duck Councilman Nino Giacchi would be replaced by Councilwoman Jen Giattino.

More curious than the obvious intent to leave the City of Hoboken helpless to any extraordinary expense was a statement Councilwoman Beth Mason made defending her criticism of the DCA.

She claimed she would make public the correspondence between her and the DCA and also the FBI who she repeatedly said was willing to work to make thousands of emails public under investigation.

Councilwoman Carol Marsh expressed interest in seeing the correspondence on both.
To our knowledge she’s never received any.

Here’s the actual unedited 17 second video clip:

So why hasn’t Councilwoman Mason made public her FBI correspondence?  

She said she would “absolutely” do so.


Mason street money revealed: “permanent press” or merely laundered?

Councilwoman Beth Mason has finally provided the detailed expenditures for the extraordinary $52,000 in street money for the second ward election in May and it raises as many questions as it appears to answer.  No one is paid for friendship so what are they really all being paid for in these hefty amounts?

It has the familiar scent of Tim Occhipinti’s page after page after page of paid campaign workers who also voted in some shape or form revealing standard earnings usually in the $40 range.  But the difference is this is the Beth Mason campaign and $40 just won’t do.  The amounts are far higher and there’s circumstantial evidence this has been concocted with the idea of anything but transparency.

Church Towers is well represented in Beth Mason’s street money operations especially the Baptista family
who are now also part of the Russo family. (Click to enlarge.)

For example, Beth Mason paid a consulting company Bluewater Operations on a regular basis through the campaign in amounts usually in $5,000 increments.  But in this detailed street money report she also directly pays its two owners, Brian Walensky ($4,100) and Ryan Yacco (2,450).  Odd?  Certainly.  Definitive? No.

There’s a series of payments to Church Towers residents and many come in chunky $1,000 amounts.  Among a group of 10, there’s one curious resident, a mom of a newborn who instead of being preoccupied in a different ward with a baby seems to have found work for Beth Mason on her campaign to the tune of $1,000 and also happens to be the wife of 3rd ward Councilman Mike Russo – Lisa Baptista.  Then there’s also two more Baptista’s who also happen to reside in Church Towers: Amelia and Anthony. They come in at $500 a pop.

Are you starting to get the freshly laundered smell?

Then there’s the numerous residents with 2nd ward addresses who receive typically $70.00 each for ‘campaigning’ or is it voting?  Oddly, there is a strong preponderance of Spanish surnames and they reside in Applied Housing buildings.

There’s one person, Alex Lesiak (sp?) who is suspicious not for the two payments of $2,050 but for the blank space where an address should be for both listings.

The numbers of people from all over Hoboken and outside is impressive with just one example being a Justin Belfiore of 11th street for $25.00.  Did they all work on election day in the 2nd ward?  Or did they also carry a presence in the 5th ward for Scott Delea?

Will the local media continue to show no “permanent” interest in any of this?  Maybe so, but more importantly will the NJ Attorney General and/or the Feds?

Hoboken’s absolute street money queen Beth Mason
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The complete Street Money Mason listings at the jump:

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