Mason funded, Old Guard council scam on Doyle appointment prevails – for the moment

City of Hoboken announces:

Litigation Regarding the Appointment of Jim Doyle to the City Council Expected to Continue
Hudson County Assignment Judge Bariso ruled today, finding that 5 affirmative votes were needed to appoint Jim Doyle to the vacant Council position. Judge Bariso made clear that he was not ruling at this time on the issue of whether all Council members were required, under the Municipal Vacancy Law, to appear at a meeting to vote on the vacancy. Assuming that the Plaintiff Council members will not voluntarily appear at such a meeting, the City is preparing an application to have the Court order all Council members to attend a Council meeting and vote on the filling of the Council vacancy.

Ricky Mason on Washington Street after
the hurricane sees a battle won for Beth Mason today.
There’s another round coming so get the checkbook ready.

Talking Ed Note: The TRO against Jim Doyle is upheld pending additional action seeking to have the full council vote on the backfilling of the at-large council appointment.  The Old Guard council scam of having a member absent to prevent a full vote of the body and a deciding vote by Mayor Zimmer – prevails for the moment.

Judge Bariso even with the full votes of the entire council on the record over two meetings has decided that is not sufficient in a vote where a 4-4 tie could be broken by the mayor.

The Old Guard has won this battle with a Mason family funded legal action.  Stay tuned for round two as Jim Doyle will be on standby.

The games the Old Guard plays…  

Update: 9:50 pm – MSV is gathering more information on this case and will have an important update tomorrow.  Strap in for the ride because Round 2 is certainly going to be starting soon.

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