Many stores opening on Washington Street today

Some reports on additional stores opening on Washington Street today:

CVS at Washington and Newark, Basic Foods at 2nd Street, Radio Shack at 2nd street and Ace Hardware also near 2nd.

A&P said to be opening too with their own generator and will be selling non-perishable items.

The City of Hoboken Facebook page earlier today:

Have a food truck? Come to Hoboken and help us feed our community.

Reminder: tap water is safe. PSEG power estimate: full restoration 6-9 days. Volunteers meet at city hall at 9am. Non perishable food, blankets, coats donations needed to city hall or high school. Don’t drive unless absolutely needed. Statewide gas shortage. Emergency Operations Center: 201-239-6644. Shelters open at Wallace School, Sts Peter and Paul and St Matthews.

Biancamano’s was open yesterday serving residents from the front of its store.

Cugini Kitchen was hosting people inside even without electricity yesterday.
Vito’s Deli had a good crowd along with Margarita’s right down the street yesterday too.

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