Lunchtime Election Grist with The Horsey

So today is the big day and there’s going to be some hard council spills with six election races inside the Mile Square.

Whispers are floating in from near and far, the big development sponsored mayor’s ticket not looking so hot now.

There are also three BoE seats up for election and an assortment of HudCo races not in doubt.

Little drama from the Stable but reports of strong, favorable voting signals out of the sixth ward, home of City Council President Jen Giattino and in the second ward, for Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

Does good government service matter to Hoboken voters? Let’s wait and see.

An early signpost in the first ward shows Councilman Mike DeFusco measuring his opponent as the vote tallies are lower than anticipated in the first ward.

It’s early and there’s plenty of time left for voting but the Horsey is ready to make a call in the third and fourth ward.

Too soon?

Remember to vote for three of your selections in the Board of Education election, doggies not included.

BoE No. 1 ballot candidate Shweta Gurshani
“Raising Bright Futures” for School Board.
From the heart of the sixth ward:

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