Luck of the draw: First Council meeting tonight @ 7:00

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As luck of the draw would have it, the first council meeting comes a day after New Year’s Day. A closed session should start and end before the meeting time at 7:00.

On the agenda is resolution no. 2 regarding temporary appropriations re: a temporary budget.  This is guided by a State formula but has been a contentious issue when the minority held control in 2011.  As it is a normal part of passage in most municipalities by rote, in Hoboken when leverage is available in recent years, it’s used as a nuclear weapon.

What do you think happens with a council of eight split 4-4?

Also on the agenda is an ordinance with a restriction on smoking in some areas of the City’s parks which may prove to see views on both side expressing vastly different perspectives.

A number of legal contracts for this year are on the agenda and although the average amounts are smaller than what has been historically seen, it doesn’t mean that a divided even number of eight people may see the value of each (or all) of the contracts differently re: enter the political football.

Last, Hoboken is officially in an election year.  If you don’t know what that means, you’ll likely find out starting tonight.  With Jim Doyle’s council appointment in the courts, Hoboken progress stands in a somewhat precarious position.

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