Look out Hoboken: The Old Guard welcomes back Peter Cammarano


Ex-mayor and convicted felon Peter Cammarano is on the loose as of 12:00 midnight, officially being released from a half-way house facility in Brooklyn.

According to a source at the Brooklyn based Community Corrections Office, Cammarano was scheduled for release on Sunday the 11th but is eligible for release at midnight tonight.  As part of the work release program at the facility, thought to be at 100 29th Street in Brooklyn, Cammarano has seen regular weekend time offsite and was exclusively reported by MSV seen in Hoboken on a Sunday back in late October.

Although separated from his wife and daughter, Cammarano has reportedly maintained his upper Bloomfield St. brownstone and his rumored goomah, a woman believed he was involved with before his separation has lived in the residence since before his imprisonment.  One source said she describes herself as his girlfriend.

Many members of the Old Guard have close connections to the ex-mayor and felon including Councilman Michael Russo, who had Cammarano act as his campaign manager in his earlier Council run back in 2007.  Politico Perry Belfiore was one of the linchpins to the Cammarano mayoral run in early spring 2009 along with the late Maurice Fitzgibbons.

Many of the hardcore backers of Cammarano didn’t miss a beat after his arrest, resignation and imprisonment moving on to campaign and install Tim Occhipinti into the 4th ward council seat including Democratic Chairman Jaimie Cryan, recently deceased Maurice Fitzgibbons, Paul Lichstein and  Beth Mason political operative Lane Bajardi.

Cammarano was caught on FBI surveillance tape accepting $25,000 in return for controlling the Hoboken Zoning Board to benefit would be developer, FBI informant Solomon Dwek.

In another meeting around the same time, Councilman Michael Russo met with Dwek and other Jersey City officials and agreed to a series of payments.  He instructed the first payment should be made out to “Russo for Hoboken.”  He claims he never accepted any money later from Dwek and there has been no prosecution.

Better days – Peter Cammarano yuks it up while Lane Bajardi sucks up to the ex-mayor at his inauguration
back on July 1st, 2009.  Cammarano would be arrested and resign by month’s end.

Talking Ed Note: Will there be an Old Guard party for Cammarano as there was when the last ex-mayor and felon Anthony Russo was released?  Tough to say as Russo did not appear to get a shortened sentence while Cammarano’s mandatory two year sentence has been cut from the scheduled fall release to the spring.

Cammarano’s sentence was reduced before he served one year, the time period required before any reductions are typically considered.

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