Reporters: ‘Hoboken411 claim on City Communication Manager another Mason411 lie’

Local Hoboken reporters who regularly interface with City Hall’s communication manager confirm the claim by Hoboken411 that inquiries made by them were referred to his “personal attorney” are false.

The responses, independently obtained by MSV, confirm the claim that City Hall’s communication manager Juan Mell was not answering questions from local reporters and sending them to his “personal attorney” is just another Hoboken411 lie.

Beth Mason looks away as a photo is taken in City Council while her friend Lane Bajardi lets fly with his usual invective and litany of pathological lies.  He says he isn’t paid to do so as her “friend.”

Comment was requested of Councilwoman Beth Mason with an additional question asking if her “friend” had any supporting evidence for such a claim.  If Beth Mason provides a response, this story will be updated.

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