Liberation of Hoboken nears with new Business Administrator Arch Liston

Hoboken is approaching the end of fiscal state control and with it the requirement a Business Administrator be appointed.

Arch Liston appeared at the City Council meeting last night selected in the appointment by Mayor Dawn Zimmer from among dozens of resumes submitted for the position and multiple interviews of different candidates.  The City Council in its advise and consent role approved the appointment requesting to review the salary request of 150K at a later time.

Although there was some noise about access to resumes via the City Clerk’s office and process of committee reviews – every Councilperson had ample opportunity to obtain information and meet and speak to the candidate before the City Council meeting last night.  Mr. Liston’s proposed salary of 150K comes with no typical 20% cost added in a benefits package, but he was criticized inaccurately for possibly obtaining a flat increase of previous compensation in the range of 12%.  Factor in the savings from a benefit package and Mr. Liston would come to serve Hoboken at an even lower cost. 

Business Administrators in our area typically earn upwards of 185K with a benefits package pushing the overall cost to well over 200K  In due course, the City Council will review and finalize compensation for the role.  Godspeed.

Hoboken and the City Council needs to get it done.

Photo: Arch Liston appearing before the City Council last night.  All rights reserved.

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