Let’s all go to the hop (but not in the cold)

The City of Hoboken is providing residents with another free and convenient option to track the location of the Hop and senior shuttle. Residents can now call 201-293-8958 from their phone, and the current location of the buses will be automatically announced to them.
The Hop buses and senior shuttle are equipped with GPS technology, and in addition to the new phone-based system, residents can track their location in real-time on the Hop website, or by texting “bus redhop”, “bus bluehop”, or “bus greenhop” to 41411 from their cell phone. 
“I’m very glad that the text message service we provide receives nearly 60,000 requests for shuttle bus locations every month, but I hope this new option is also useful to residents who aren’t as comfortable with or don’t have access to newer technology,” said MayorDawn Zimmer. “As part of our efforts to tackle transportation and parking challenges, we’re trying to make alternative transportation options more convenient and easier to use for everyone.”
This new service is being provided free of charge to the City of Hoboken by ParkingMapper, a Hoboken-based company founded by several recent graduates from Stevens Institute of Technology. ParkingMapper currently runs the tracking system on The Hop, where residents can locate the buses on the City’s website, through text messages, and now by phone.
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