Lenz to Occhipinti on flooding: Not just a “Watch the Weather Channel” solution

Lenz for Council announces:

Lenz to Occhipinti: The 4th Ward needs more than your “Watch The Weather Channel” solution.

Flooding is a big problem, and no one knows this more than Mike Lenz, a resident of the 4th Ward since 1997.  Mike has been a strong supporter of the Mayor’s efforts to find flooding solutions from day one.   In response to the Mayor’s advocacy, construction is finally underway for the 100 million gallon/day pumping station that will solve 80-85% of the flooding at no cost to the taxpayer.   Still, Mike recognizes that “the pump is a start, but there is much more to be done.  The sewers need to be fixed and maintained on a regular basis. Sewer monitoring has to be utilized to find out what’s really going on under our feet.  Once we have the facts and the pump is online, we must get action to solve the flooding problem 100%.”  Councilman Lenz sponsored the resolution to install state of the art sensor technology — a key milestone in solving flooding for good.

However, while City Council unanimously passed the resolution sponsored by Mike, Tim spoke against innovative flood solutions. Despite stating in his press release that the City of Hoboken “has dragged its feet on everything from studying the causes to implementing a solution” It was Tim himself who called addressing flooding a “like to have and not a need” to have.  He argued that we have no need to fully understand our sewer system in detail.  He even joked that since high tide plus heavy rain equals flooding “you can kinda get that for free from the weather channel.”

As a resident of the 4th Ward for the last 15 years, Mike understands that fixing flooding is not a joking matter. Mike responded at the June 22nd Council Meeting that “It is absolutely necessary to deal with flooding in the SW part of town – it is a disgrace….  the fact that we have flooding at all in 2010 in the City  Hoboken is ridiculous. What the Emnet technology does is it allows figuring out where the water is going in a complex way within the system and find out ways of storing that water within the system that will alleviate the need for future pumps- it is wise money well spent.”


Tim claims the “city is dragging its  feet” but really it is Tim himself who didn’t want the city to move forward with real time flood monitoring technology that the City Council approved unanimously. Mike knows this technology will help find a flooding solution.  Fixing flooding IS a top priority for the 4th Ward; and it’s long been a priority of Mike’s and it will continue to be until this problem is solved.

Once again, instead of working for solutions to our real issues, Tim is misleading and distracting from his own record of standing up against progress at every turn on critical issues.  Mike Lenz has a track record of his commitment to solving the flooding problem; Tim Occhipinti has a track record mostly consisting of saying nothing on the crucial issues.  When he does speak, he has a record of misunderstanding and misleading 4th Ward residents.

Campaign Manager Sam Briggs added:

“I am glad that Tim could finally take a break from his absentee ballot collection to talk about an important issue in this election, even if he is once again wrong on the facts.

While I’m not surprised that Tim is misleading about the issues and flip-flopped on his pump stance within an hour, I find it despicable that Tim would stoop so low as to make jokes about Councilman Lenz’s weight.  Mike has lost over 170 lbs recently and he is proud of his successful fight against this all too common problem.   For Tim and his spokesman to take the low road with personal attacks just once again shows the true motto of their campaign.  “Occhipinti:  Attacking, Misleading, and Doing Whatever it Takes to Win”.  Tim should disown these low blow tactics, sign the Clean Campaign Pledge, and get back to the Issues that matter to the 4th Ward: Lower taxes, balanced development, REAL flooding solutions, and a Southwest Park.”

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