The Law of Unintended Consequences

A baffling statement from the usually mild mannered Councilman Peter Cunningham has da horsey shaking his head in disbelief.

With the onset of a real New York summer, we were looking forward to doing a leisurely feature on a Hoboken walking tour, ( and enjoying the dog days of summer, before this bomb landed on our doorstep over at Hoboken Now:

Although we love a good joust now and then as much as anyone, one has to wonder about the thought process (some would say sanity) of Councilman Peter Cunningham. Perhaps the heat has affected the usual measured voice we have grown use to in the City Council.

And now we have to also question, is this a solitary voice or part of a more collective error? After recently doing a parody of corruption in Hoboken based on a real visit by muckracker Pulitzer Prize winning writer Jimmy Breslin, we find the irony of schooling Councilman Mike Russon on the rights of citizens and the US Constitution missing not a few seats away in the City Council. If Beth Mason wants to double down on her investment in the last mayoral race, she certainly is capable of doing so. So why would you throw down the gauntlet when you already know she’s more than capable of standing up to it? Emphasis: more than capable.

Some would say the horse is a political animal but in the end I’m just a horse. And if you want to get me to run faster, or not at all, it’s best to offer a carrot. Even wannabe dictator for life Chavez, the oil rich buffon of Venezuela, knows better to jingle war noises with his lesser neighbors like Honduras than the United States.

With the November winner take all mayoral election seeming far off in the distance to some, and apparently right on top of us to others, we’re reminded of the saying two is company, three is a crowd and six, well that’s a circus. If it proves to be the latter, with all the subsequent Hoboken hilarity and insanity, I blame Peter Cunningham.

Can someone please send a copy of “The Art of War” to Mr. Cunningham? Short of that, how about an ice tea so he can cool off?

(Photo courtesy of Hoboken Now/Carly Baldwin)

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