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Hoboken is chalk full of fun today or is it Hobroken?

Some say it’s broken. Grafix Avenger says it’s all a mystery wrapped in less than transparent accountability even as it’s called “Citizens for Accountability.”

She asks who are these imaginary citizens accountable to? All these citizens and not a single name let alone a Hoboken resident listed on a board roster. It’s apparently an out of town “anonymous” operation. Signposts up ahead (and emerging links) point to well funded development group MSTA and the Liberty Board of Realtors.

These “citizens” sound unhappy with Mile Square taxes, parks and litter. It’s not clear what tractable land in Hoboken they will be fundraising for to turn into a park. For the moment they sound most unhappy about an impending deal Councilwoman Terry Castellano said as the council debate may be close to eminent as in eminent domain brought all the parties to the table to do a deal.

Anyway, Castellano says it’s close although she’s not allowed to discuss confidential City negotiations in public. That’s the job of her cousin Councilman Michael Russo and his City Council running mate Eduardo ‘Do the Developer Deal’ Gonzaelz. Both of them like to use the imaginary figure $45 million as the cost for Hoboken buying the six acres in the northwest owned by BASF.

The figure will be forgotten at the next number two bathroom delivery and each will claim they never said it. Squeeze some Charmin Mikey. Do that deal.

The “Citizens for Accountability” or is it the Liberty Board of Realtors have sent out this mailer to Hobroken in an appeal for more parks? Or is it less taxes? More development? Bigger buildings? Monarch Man?
Freeholder Anthony Romano is on the list of speakers at their event today in uptown Hoboken.
No doubt all these issues will see illumination.

Less than two weeks out from the new majority City Council ward sweepstakes. Election Day is on November 3rd and there’s peace and parks all throughout Hobroken. If you believe them, they’ll leave you broke and they’ll be rich. Or richer.

Only problem with this plan is the Old Guard council slate candidates are reaching for the pails and it’s every man for himself. Speaking of every man for himself, Carmelo Garcia senses doom and is reaching deep into his well of “ethnic cleansing” bag of dirty tricks.

We’re sure it’s going to be very entertaining just like when those four hours of surreptitious audiotapes were brought to daylight.  Former NJ Senate Majority Leader Bernard Kenny will be presenting Carmelo Garcia with a Lifetime Illicit Recording Award.

The Stable received a lovely flier from the Peter Biancamano campaign. He wants to be my second ward watchdog for taxes in Hoboken and the County. There’s no plan how he will closely watch or lower our taxes but he’s going to watch them. Closely.

One can expect he’ll be joined by our county legislator Anthony “Stick” Romano who is watching them too. We’ve been watching them rise almost 50% in the last few years or so. No doubt Peter “Monarch Man” Biancamano will sit faithfully by his side and watch them rise.

In the last two years when the HudCo freeloaders came to Hoboken to pay homage to the tens of millions in a check they were picking up courtesy of Mile Square taxpayers, Peter Biancamano didn’t show up in his own backyard to voice even a whimper.

Then again, you’ve yet to hear Monarch Man voice anything in a City Council meeting let alone when HudCo came ringing in Christmas at Hoboken City Hall last summer (and the one before that).

At the last Hoboken City Council meeting, Monarch Man’s name was called. The crowd murmured in excitment. At last, a true superhero is among us. Then this:

City Clerk Jimmy Farina awaits the long heralded appearance of Monarch Man Peter Biancamano during public portion of the City Council meeting. No show. Hobroken will have to await another episode of the public portion comedy hour and hope its self-proclaimed tax “watchdog” makes an appearance. 

The Old Guard council candidates are running interesting campaigns appealing to the voters but there’s no list of promises and ideas to be found anywhere. Fourth ward council candidate Dana Wefer notes she’s the only one of three candidates in her race with an actual plan on taxes and a platform available to voters.

One gets the feeling there’s no Old Guard rush to the “internets.” Why would voters read stuff and ask questions expecting to get real answers? You mean voters can read?

Tonight is the last City Council meeting before the November 3rd Election. Should make for some great entertainment Hobroken ain’t getting on any MIA Old Guard council websites.

There used to be this website called Hoboken411. Remember when…

Last call for alcohol…  Go Mets!

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