Las Vegas nightmare: 50 dead, 200 injured as alleged murderer killed

Photo of alleged killer Stephen Paddock

The UK Record reports on the shooting attack last night in Las Vegas at the Harvest country music festivals from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The alleged killer Stephen Paddock is dead.

The report detailed the allegation of the woman writing:
“A woman pushed her way to the front of a concert and told people they were going to die about 45 minutes before a gunman opened fire killing at least 50 people. 

The woman of interest who is a roommate of Paddock is “located” based on this UK Independent report. Her name is Marilou Danley.

According to the same UK Daily Record report, the 50 people killed exceeds that of Islamic terrorist Omar Saddiqui Matteen who killed 49 In June 2016:
The worst previous incident took place in June 2016 when Omar Saddiqui Matteen, 29, killed 49 people inside gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida.

Update: The UK Independent in a bizarre twist says ISIS takes responsibility for the attack claiming Paddock converted to Islam several months ago. Authorities however have not confirmed any such details to their claim.
Update 2: The FBI denies reports of an ISIS connection.
Update 3: Rumors all day are circulating online the alleged murderer attended an anti-Trump rally in Las Vegas last month and another says Antifa literature was found in his hotel room. Paddock’s father was a convicted bank robber and lived “off the grid” as an outlaw, declared a psychopath by the FBI and placed on the FBI’s Top Ten Wanted List. A brother in an interview gave a less than credible performance claiming Stephen Paddock’s life was all open and available. NBC reports he gambled large sums in the $10,000 and up category. Paddock told people he made his living as a gambler. Doesn’t pass the smell test.

Who plans such a large-scale attack on a country music concert? According to the incredible comment from his family, Paddock liked country music. Yeah, right.

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