Lane Bajardi to Hoboken411 blog owner Perry Klaussen: ‘I will… eff him over’ at Fox

In late April 2009, the Hoboken political scene is sizzling with its mayoral and council at-large seats up for election in early May. With days left in the hotly contested race, three major candidates are vying for the top prize for Hoboken mayor: Council members Dawn Zimmer, Peter Cammarano and Beth Mason.

Amidst that battle, Joe Concha the editor of a Hoboken website RealHoboken, sends an email to Lane Bajardi inquiring if he’s ghostwriting at the notorious Mason sponsored website Hoboken411.

Lane Bajardi informs Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen what he plans to do if that information comes out on the RealHoboken website.

The following, including the bolded red text is a true, original and complete email from April 26, 2009:

In May 2009, this original and complete email exchange followed between Lane Bajardi, Jake Stuiver, Adam Lebenstein and Joe Concha:

Begin forwarded message:

From: Lane Bajardi <>
Date: May 8, 2009 at 11:19:14 AM EDT
Subject: Re: Questions for Jake Stuiver


—–Original Message—–
From: Jake Stuiver <>
To: Lane Bajardi <>
Sent: Fri, 8 May 2009 11:00 am
Subject: Fwd: FW: Questions for Jake Stuiver

Any thoughts?

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Adam Lebenstein <>
Date: Fri, May 8, 2009 at 9:05 AM
Subject: FW: Questions for Jake Stuiver
To: Jake Stuiver <>

Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 06:03:12 -0700
Subject: Questions for Jake Stuiver

Hello Jake,
When you get a moment, could you answer two questions regarding the Cammarano “Hidden Life ” story published by Hoboken411? 
1) In light of this piece being printed on line, then retracted after criticism from local media and the Cammarano himself, will the Mason campaign continue to advertise on Hoboken411? (I’ll be sending this question to other candidates as well)
2) How often, if at all, do Mason campaign staffers and/or you correspond with Perry Klaussen/411?
I look forward to reading your responses. 
Joe Concha 


Joe Concha was contacted for this story but did not respond with comment.
In October 2009, MSV would similarly inquire about connections between Lane Bajardi, Beth Mason and Hoboken411 with public questions in this story:

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