Lane Bajardi and Beth Mason: ‘What the f–k is Zimmer talking about “Ground rules for clean campaigns???” Is she high?

Lane Bajardi works with Beth Mason to block Dawn Zimmer’s proposed “clean campaign” run for Hoboken mayor

When Hoboken’s reform movement began its rise in the previous decade, Councilwoman Beth Mason sought to use it to propel herself to Hoboken’s mayoral seat in her aspiring political ambitions.

As she privately confessed to her 2009 mayoral campaign manager Jake Stuiver, what was the point of being the second ward council person? That office was obviously a means to an end for more power in Hoboken as mayor and beyond.

A monkey wrench surfaced as an elected 2007 councilwoman from the fourth ward council seat decided not to bow down to Beth Mason and hand her the reform mantle in a run for mayor of Hoboken.

This caused much consternation for Beth Mason’s “friend not paid for friendship” Lane Bajardi who she described in her brief testimony in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation as a friend and campaign volunteer and not a paid employee of her company Newton, Lao, Leonard & Locke or the Mason Civic League. (Both are listed at the same address: 1202 Washington Street in Hoboken ) although Mason would claim dozens of employees currently working for Newton, Lao who “consult” her on business investments.

Due to objections by Bajardi attorney Jonathan Z. Cohen, Beth Mason would not testify about funds possibly funneled from her Weehawken based “business partner” James Barracato to Lane Bajardi and if Mason family monies were involved in funding the Bajardi v Pincus litigation against a dozen Hoboken residents for more than two-and-a-half years. Both Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi had been mostly unemployed for over two years in the lead-up to the litigation announced by Beth Mason herself 15 days before the civil litigation’s filing at the June 2012 City Council meeting.

Councilwoman Beth Mason and Lane Bajardi email on Dawn Zimmer’s proposal:”What the f–k is she talking about “Ground rules for clean campaigns??? Is she high?

In December 2008, the problem is Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer who is open to meeting with Beth Mason and their respective spouses and agreeing to run a “clean campaign.”

This is apparently distasteful to both Beth Mason and her intimate advisor Lane Bajardi.

In a true and complete December 21, 2008 email then Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer writes:

Councilwoman Beth Mason’s response is to forward the communication to Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi:

Lane Bajardi then responds with his typical brand of venom and projects some odd emotions on to then Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer’s husband and another person he apparently holds some obsessive fixation.

Bajardi writes to the idea of Zimmer’s proposal of “ground rules for clean campaigns” with, “Is she high?”

As Hoboken would become well versed in the Mason style of  politics, the moniker Queen of Mean in Hoboken would be well-deserved with Beth Mason’s spendthrift scorched earth tactics striking throughout the Mile Square.

How far does Beth Mason’s scorched earth Hoboken politics go and what’s the impact on the judiciary?

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