Land of the Secret Garden Tour

MSV received this tasty morsel regarding Sunday’s Secret Garden Tour:

Ahoy! Victoria MacKenzie-Childs wrote the Da Horsey to promote the Polka Dot Garden as a stop on the Secret Garden’s tour, which takes place this Sunday. 

Yankee Ferry  & The Polka Dot Garden are newly added to the tour, by popular demand ! Isn’t that swell?  There’s something about The Polka Dot Garden that has bonded and brought out the most childlike spirit. When Richard and I disembark to come on land, almost every time we are greeted and told how they read about it!  

 The Polka Dot Garden is the giggle, on the Garden Tour.  I am making Polka Dot pies to further enhance the festivities and fuel the fun for celebrating a most revolutionary urban farm . . . right here in Hoboken, The Polka Dot Garden!   There’ll be a host of pies, from the little Polka Dot Apple Pies, (already people are ordering more!) to Venison/Ginger (upstate bow caught) with yams, beets and mushrooms, to boot.  There will also be Fish Polka Dot Pies with lobster, mussels, and rod fished perch with potatoes, caramelized onions, and sweet peppers.  And, then, of course apropos to the theme of the day . . . the best Vegetable Polka Dot Pie ever . . . I think.  A vegetable variety with caramelized vegetables, which were grown in our up-state farm garden, then boat baked.  So, stop by for pie, eh?

We will focus on the garden, of course . . . telling people how we made it.  But we can offer tours again, for a $10 contribution to Yankee’s renovation if people would like to visit, as well as keeping the shop of our works in place for Sunday (people are stopping us  and asking if they can come over to complete what they are collecting, so it is perfect timing to have one more go at the shop.  Oh, and we are offering a few really reduced prices on things we have only one or twos of, or on things that we are ready to move into new renditions.  So, it’s a Sail / Sale!  

We will offer Polka Dot PatronShips, which are growing!  It is so exciting for everyone. Everyone is looking forward to supporting the idea, joining in the Polka Dot Party at harvest time, and taking advantage of an hour a week holiday on Yankee to read or sit and soak up the sea air. Those who know about the opportunity for PatronShips, come to us and ask, “How can I become a Polka Dot Patron.  I want to support this! ”  So many are saying this to us.  So come take a look, but don’t blink, or you’ll miss the next inch of growth.

– Victoria & Richard MacKenzie-Childs, Yankee & The Polka Dot Garden

Guided tours leave every 1/2 hour from the Museum and begin at 9:00 am; last tour departs at 4:00 pm. Tours last approx. 2 hours. Tickets $20 in advance and for Museum and Hoboken Garden Club members; $25 day of event. Tickets available at the Hoboken Historical Museum, 1301 Hudson St. Advance purchase recommended, as space is limited. Tours filled on first come, first served basis.
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