Kurt Gardiner slams Ravi Bhalla’s “cynical ploy” to nationalize Hoboken’s election; endorses Jen Giattino for mayor

Kurt Gardiner, long time Hoboken reformer, NHSA commissioner and Sergeant-at-Arms Hoboken Democratic Committee man says Ravi Bhalla is attempting to distract voters and create division; makes endorsement of Jen Giattino for Mayor

Kurt Gardiner in an interview with the weekend paper came out with a blistering critique of Councilman Ravi Bhalla, a candidate for Hoboken mayor. He shredded the Bhalla campaign for its attempts to nationalize the Hoboken mayoral election decrying it “a cynical ploy” to distract voters from the local issues.

The long time supporter of the Hoboken Reform Movement who has backed its positions and candidates including Ravi Bhalla in the past, ran with Bhalla’ wife as his partner on the local Democratic committee last June prior to his announcing an endorsement of Jen Giattino for mayor.

Gardiner detailed his earlier comments and offered an additional statement for this story. “Hoboken needs a reboot (in the Reform Movement) and that’s why I support support Jen Giattino for mayor,” he stated in the weekend publication.

Long time Reformer and Sargent-at-Arms on the Hoboken Democratic Committee
Kurt Gardiner endorsed Jen Giattino for Hoboken mayor. 

In an earlier statement, Gardiner offered, “I am proud to support Jen Giattino for Mayor. Local issues are what matter in this critical election and Jen’s platform is progressive in that it calls for responsible development and affordable housing for those of less means with a good dose of fiscal stewardship.”

In addition, Gardiner explained his reasoning saying as a registered Democrat who did not vote for the president, “… people have the right to express themselves on the national issues as they see fit. However, I would like to see an emphasis on local issues that matter to Hoboken.”

The heat turned up when Gardiner stated, “I view Ravi Bhalla’s attempt to incorporate national issues into the mix as a cynical ploy to distract voters from the local issues and create an unnecessary division in our electorate.”

Breaking the election down this November, Gardiner suggested the Hoboken voters would see beyond the failed baton toss from Mayor Zimmer to Councilman Ravi Bhalla. “The Hoboken electorate is intelligent and many I have spoken to see through this ruse. Additionally they are not necessarily robotically following Mayor Zimmer’s coronation/endorsement, as many do not want an extension of Mayor Zimmer’s third term. Many good things happened on Zimmer’s watch but there are still some areas of concern,” he wrote”

He didn’t end there.

Gardiner sent in a statement to MSV writing, “My opinions expressed in the Hoboken Reporter are my own as an observer of Hoboken politics over the last 12 years. I evaluated where I was with my campaign’s viability and have decided to suspend it after getting about 220 signatures. The path to being elected I feel was too narrow given the number of candidates and political noise.”

Then the long time backer of the Hoboken Reform Movement proceeded to uncork a flamethrower writing, “Since giving that interview (to the paper) my concerns about what is happening with some of the nefarious activities and attitudes by the Bhalla campaign have only been magnified.”

Gardiner laid out some of those concerns with a number of swirling allegations rumored about the Bhalla campaign in recent weeks. Among them: arm twisting private citizens for Facebook endorsements, misinformation to residents about petitions in a phony effort to “knock Jen Giattino off the ballot” and the actions to keep Jen Giattino from possibly entering the race after Mayor Zimmer laid waste to any Reform concept of transparency when she suddenly withdrew from the November election and simultaneously announced Councilman Ravi Bhalla as her replacement with an endorsement.

Gardiner has seen personal attacks recently on Grafix Avenger; the local satirical website deemed Sybil’s Cave here for its intolerance of anyone not backing Ravi Bhalla for mayor. Gardiner who like MSV and others saw comments deleted there left one last comment slamming the lack of “journalistic integrity” and “leaking private conversations.”

Regarding the personal attacks there he wrote, “Key supporters of Ravi have been insinuating all sorts of lies about me under varying screen names just because I don’t support their candidate. It is not even September yet. I can only imagine how bad it can get from here. Not a good reflection on the candidate and reminiscent of Beth Mason’s historic 3rd place finish in 2009.”

The long time Reformer ripped the temperament of the “Bonkers for Bhalla website editor,” and mocked a possible shadow mayoralty under a would-be Bhalla administration closing with, “Just remember the shadow knows! The shadow knows!”

Gardiner says he wrote the following comment with minor edits from the original on Sybil’s Cave:

There is no constructive dialogue going on here just Bitter Bhalla Backers who are devoid of sound argumentation skills. The commenters on here are the real hanky brigade.

Just because I occasionally comment on another blog and tend to see eye to eye more with that blogger on local issues does not mean I support his national views. Quite to the contrary. That attempt to link me with him on that front is weak and disgusting.

It is unfortunate that Bhalla supporters call anyone not religiously following the Mayor’s endorsement stupid, juvenile or a white nationalist.

No mayor has done more for infrastructure than Zimmer but I simply believe we have a better option than Ravi for Mayor. Elections are about choices. I am glad to have a choice. 

Enjoy your echo chamber of silly sycophants. No point in staying here for ridiculousness on display here.

And since the author of this blog is leaking private conversations violating any shred of journalistic integrity she might have had, I will share with you what that blog said to me because I caught the Bhalla campaign forcing a a fake Facebook endorsement.

“Go fuck yourself” Yep. That is the temperament of Bonkers for Bhalla website editor. Way to be a positive ambassador Nancy! You go girl! 

Just remember the shadow knows! The shadow knows! 

Talking Ed Note: Kurt Gardiner’s decision not to run for City Council is a practical and personal one.

MSV did not contact Grafix Avenger for comment on this story. The hostility of censorship there has led to some unfortunate false accusations about this website so; you lost your Stable privileges and that’s why they call you Loser.

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