Kurt Gardiner: Against the odds, beating coronavirus, a personal story

Hello, my name is Kurt Gardiner and I’m 52 years old. Some of you might know me from The Hoboken Journal, a political website in Hoboken I ran from 2008 to 2012 or the Boken Online, a website about Hoboken I ran from 2013 to 2017. 

Kurt Garden confirmed he beat the coronavirus with an antibody
test last week. He’s available for female company and spreading
the good antibody news. 

Last year on April 25th, I had a ischemic stroke which affected my right side. I am much better now but still have some rehab work to do on my right hand. The thing about a stroke is every person is different and you have to be patient in recovery. With that said, I represented multiple risk factors for the Coronavirus including a stroke, heart disease, asthma and diabetes: a quadruple whammy.

So, I decided to have the antibody test. Back in March I presented symptoms of a dry cough that lasted four days. I also felt tired so just took it easy and it cleared up in the four days timeframe. Riverside in Hoboken started offering the antibody test last week so I took it and the test confirmed I had Covid-19 antibodies. It was the IGG antibody test which has not been approved by the FDA but I am fairly confident I was exposed to the virus and lucky for me, had very mild effects especially given my risk factors.

Rich Altomare who was someone I got to know over the years was not so lucky. He was 56 years old and like me a diabetic. He passed away due to the virus last Wednesday. You might have known him from the Laundromat on 8th that he ran for many years that became a nail salon. Why him and not me I will never know but this Coronavirus scare became real. Rich is the first person I knew that succumbed to it.

The coronavirus is not fake news; it is not some conspiracy, it is not the just the flu. I don’t feel we should shut down forever or that every state should have equal restrictions in place. New York City is the epicenter of the virus but I believe other states will be affected as well. Take for example several meat packing plants that have seen a preponderance of cases in rural areas. 

With record unemployment, I understand the need to reopen but we need to do so responsibly. We need to know who does or does not have it and that means testing. Both my parents are dead and I live alone so my world is pretty simple. I can’t imagine being parents or having Seniors to care for. I share my story so you can take from it what you can. I am lucky and now have antibodies. Online date ladies?

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