Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi: ‘Let the mayor go down with the hospital!’

The Hospital – Part IV

As the fall of 2011 was upon Hoboken, nerves were frayed with a looming disaster if negotiations were not completed with the tenuous circumstances in a pending sale of Hoboken University Medical Center.

Among the Masonista cabal, it’s a polar opposite concern. The desire to “destroy the administration” and the hospital with it as Beth Mason’s senior political operative put it months earlier may be slipping away.

In the email below, gnashing of teeth begins with the realization the hospital may survive. There’s worry Beth Mason may not be able to pull off the political operation and succeed in sabotaging the sale of HUMC.

The talking points constructed for a Beth Mason release below would go nowhere as depositions taken showed no illicit behavior of any kind and that process came to a halt. The”conditions” for keeping the hospital at least seven years were already set many months earlier and a poison pill Mason hopes to inject would never get off the ground.

Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi rabidly writes, “Re: I say let Dawn go down with the hospital!”  (Some Masonistas refer to the mayor only by her first name as they are unable to accept she’s been elected to the office. Mayor Zimmer soundly defeated Beth Mason although vastly outspent twice two years earlier in 2009.)

Anger is openly voiced at the possibility the hospital sale may be completed and Beth Mason could reverse course or outright fail to shut down the hospital, destroy 1200 jobs and place Hoboken on the verge of bankruptcy.

An inaccurate figure of ten million is casually mentioned in bonding for the hospital. The Old Guard council members would vote down a $5.5 million bond proposed by the mayor and Gov. Christie would step in with the money saying partisan politics in Hoboken would not rule the day and force the hospital’s closure.

No such figure of ten million in bonding was presented but it’s an inaccuracy likely due to the frustration HUMC may survive. Politically that would be seen as a victory for Hoboken and credit also to Mayor Zimmer, an outcome that will lead to further Masonista gnashing of teeth.

The failed prediction stating, “the hospital will never survive,” would too end as another Masonista dream unrealized.

A complete, original email from September 20, 2011 follows:

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