Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi – ‘Hunt down citizens against Beth Mason on saving HUMC’

Late October 2011, the public heat was turned up on the unnecessary blockage of the last piece of the hospital sale. The midtown garage, a key component in the approved hospital sale and its potential survival had earlier been approved in a narrow 5-4 vote but a second council vote to waive the 20 days for the ordinance to come into effect immediately failed as it required six votes.

Not one among the infamous “Council of No,” the Old Guard council members is willing to merely step aside and allow the hospital sale and with it, the midtown garage to be completed. The Hoboken public saw the action for what it was.

Outraged at the obvious late attempt to sabotage the hospital sale they would show up on a Sunday afternoon at the public call of Mayor Zimmer to support a resolution asking the council to step aside and allow the garage and hospital sale to be immediately completed.

Saturday morning, one day before the emergency council meeting a Hoboken commenter, Greenhaven, mocks the Old Guard council minority asking if they will avoid the emergency council meeting Sunday “hiding under their own beds.”

The commenter goes on to further insult Beth Mason’s husband asking if he’s hired “a private militia” to provide security to protect the Old Guard council members from the “citizens they swore an oath to represent?”

Here’s the reaction in an original complete email between Lane Bajardi’s wife and fellow civil litigant Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Beth Mason’s political operative “business partner” James Barracato of Weehawken:

Beth Mason made strenuous efforts to sabotage the only possible bidder for Hoboken University Medical Center in 2011. More recently, she’s been trying to have MSV arrested to block its participating in Hoboken government meetings but the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office refused saying that’s illegal and would not be permitted. Mason filed phony criminal charges against MSV last September. 

Talking Ed Note: MSV’s opinion/analysis on this story and the above email exchange follows. Here, there’s no concern expressed for the 1200 jobs and the $80 million the City of Hoboken will be on the hook for should Hoboken University Medical Center be forced to close.

In the alternative Masonista echo chamber universe, Beth Mason being held to account and lambasted for her role in attempting to sabotage the only possible bidder for HUMC after months of negotiations in the complex $100 million transaction is the problem.  It’s Hoboken resident outrage cast as “threats.”

Beth Mason should be protected FROM the people of Hoboken and those calling her to account should be hunted down (and presumably arrested). At the Sunday emergency council meeting, Beth Mason would enter with a Hoboken policeman on one side and her well known thug on the other. Residents would spontaneously erupt during the meeting calling for her recall.

The original Hoboken Patch story: shows Hoboken residents quite concerned on what are the visible attempts to sabotage the completion of HUMC’s sale so it can remain open. As many know, the hospital has been in continuous operation for almost four years since the sale, expanding its scope of services to the Hoboken community and beyond.

The echo chamber around Councilwoman Beth Mason wasn’t interested in any of the normal, reasonable concerns surrounding HUMC. They wanted to see it shut down, by hook or by crook and give Beth Mason’s family checkbook another opportunity seeing its infamous negativity inflicted on the Hoboken public: pointing fingers, lying to the community on its culpability and “destroying the administration” and the mayor and City of Hoboken with it.

Turf track: Councilwoman Beth Mason after attempting to avoid a supboena in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation filed criminal charges against this MSV editor in late September when handed one right before the late September council meeting. There were at least 20 people standing around the front of the City Council dais just minutes before the start of the filmed proceedings.

Beth Mason’s attempted to have MSV arrested for participating at Hoboken government meetings since. Hoboken officials responded to her requests to block this editor’s First Amendment and civil rights by seeking the additional advice of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.

The HCPO informed the City of Hoboken and Beth Mason there would be no arrest of MSV for appearing and/or participating in government meetings.

More to come…

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