Kids First – Sweepers take your seats

Last night’s ceremony, usually a rather placid affair was charged due to the sweep of all four seats by Kids First and a rather funny moment involving Mayor Zimmer.

Jean Marie Mitchell is sworn in for the one year term (center) as Mayor Dawn Zimmer approaches to take a photo.  The new BoE member’s mother, out of town for the event had asked the mayor to take the picture of the family handing over her camera not knowing she is the mayor.  Board Secretary David Anthony, (left) conducted the ceremonies.

Irene Sobolov takes the oath of office with her family looking on.  She was the top vote getter in the BoE election and now begins a three year term.

Leon Gold, a long time active member on the Hoboken scene at many important civic meetings and a former member of the Hoboken Revolt steering committee now finds himself on the other side of the government table.  He’s not only a new member on the BoE, he’s also the first man to hold that role as a member of Kids First and a three year term.

Rose Marie Markle is sworn in for another three year term.  She is joined by her family and minutes later was given a ringing endorsement from her colleagues to remain Board President for another year.  The crowd gave her a standing ovation.

Mayor Zimmer taking pictures on behalf of the Mitchell family.  She could not contain her fun and no doubt the irony in the moment not lost on Board member Carmelo Garcia seen smiling on the left.

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