“Kidnap” victim fights back!

Update: 5: 40 – Amy Sara Clark at Hoboken Now has a released statement from Jerry Carter’s new lawyer.

A reader, AnonymousFan tipped us off Jerry Carter is now retaining Joseph Hayden, the same lawyer as Peter Cammarano as reported in the Hudson Reporter.

11:35 AM
The lady employee/victim in the Jerry Carter alleged kidnapping case is feeling her oats.  She’s looking for two weeks pay from Jerry Carter and also unspecified damages.  Carter’s attorney states he hasn’t been served or some such non-denial denial.  This is only the beginning.  Some legal beagle found the lady and you can be sure this will have legs.  If Carter takes a hit on any of the kidnap and harassment charges, he’ll be soon facing a very large civil suit from this woman.

And then he’ll rue the day as she alleges, how he made her stay in a bath tub for hours.  

Thing about karma is it isn’t entirely without a sense of humor.  And sooner or later, no one is getting away, with anything.  The universe is always watching, always listening.  It’s far larger than human comprehension especially what’s unseen.  Anyone who thinks this blue marble is going unmonitored is just kidding themselves.  Jerry Carter, we enshrine you into the new membership of consciousness and in the famous words of Jim Morrison, “No one gets out alive.”

Amy Sara Clark has the less than esoteric other worldly details at Hoboken Now.  Chow down.

Photo courtesy David Jolkovski / Hoboken Now

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