Key Reform precincts show surprising early voting strength

Reliable sources on the early voting show strong voting patterns for key precincts in the 4th and 6th wards.

Independent sources state the 4-2, a key Reform precinct for Dawn Zimmer earlier had close to six dozen votes while another key district in the 6th ward had already passed its total for the whole day last May.

Simmering anger by Hoboken residents and taxpayers with the sabotage against the hospital sale may be brewing.

It’s believed a combination of factors may be in play.  First there appears to be strong interest in Ballot #2 on the rent control ordinance.  In addition there are strong emotions lingering from the sabotage of the hospital (and all of Hoboken) by MORTe.

A backlash brewing would drive those voters against incumbent Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano who received $5,000 in financial support from Councilwoman Beth Mason.  The hospital sale was almost torpedoed several times before completion.  Each time MORTe and especially Beth Mason were behind the effort.

The weather is beautiful today and it’s unclear how that will play out later in the day when a Reform counts on a late push from voters returning from work.


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