Keep the Lie Alive! – Taxes, Budget

Paying homage to its masters at the Mason Campaign, Hoboken411 is doing its part to keep the lie alive accusing the Acting Mayor of intentionally withholding the budget. Here’s the Hoboken411 big lie technique in action just today:

The “Acting” Mayor promised 25% cuts, but keeps the budget hidden.

As anyone who is remotely paying attention is aware, Judy Tripodi, the state fiscal monitor appointed by the State to clean up the town’s financial problems is now on record in three separate interviews detailing tax decreases and the budget’s release this month.  Mile Square View was first to post the good news of the tax decrease and the budget’s release.  Our interview and story on Tuesday was followed by the Hudson Reporter on Wednesday with additional details on the tax decrease highlighted by Hoboken Now on Friday.

“This will be the most transparent budget cycle they (Hoboken) have ever had,” Ms. Tripodi said on Tuesday.  The news apparently hasn’t reached Hoboken411 or the Mason Campaign.  Flyers mailed to voters homes along with commercials continue to tout a coming tax increase “hidden” like the budget by the Acting Mayor.

The Zimmer campaign is now acting on this continued fabrication campaign and distributing flyers highlighting all three of the news stories announcing a tax decrease along with a separate communication that will reach voters before they go to the polls Tuesday.

Correction: As we went to publish we indicated the Zimmer campaign was distributing flyers highlighting all three news stories highlighting Judy Tripodi’s recent interviews.  That information was based on an earlier conversation with the campaign.  Although we had attempted to reconfirm same earlier this morning, the campaign confirmed later this afternoon the flyer campaign, but not with all three news stories as previously stated.  
We apologize for the error.  – The Editor.

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