Judy Tripodi – Responds to the police audit


Judy Tripodi, the state fiscal monitor emailed a statement on the State Police Audit:

I did not have a draft copy of the report since the summer.  I received a
copy the same day as it was received by the mayor.  I played no role in the
writing, editing or release of the report. 

I believed that I had the authority to approve the contracts, but have since
been told that I do not. I have always acted in the best interests of the
taxpayers of this City.

For the record, page 7 of the Police Audit states “While this report’s
recommendations may affect the staffing and City’s fiscal obligation to the
HPD, this report has no direct role in the contract negotiations.”

Talking Ed Note: The state fiscal monitor states she did not hold a draft copy of the State police audit on the Hoboken Police Department since last summer.  In that regard we’d note MSV wishes to issue an apology and correction to our earlier Horse Sense editorial, “Audit Avalanche” stating she held a draft.  We’ve asked when Ms. Tripodi may have seen a draft and should that become available, we’ll update accordingly.

Update: Ms. Tripodi noted she had seen an earlier draft but did not give it weight as it was not a final State approved document.  MSV thanks the fiscal state monitor for her statement and this clarification.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer in a tweet yesterday noted she met with the State to discuss the police audit.  This story is breaking.  Stay tuned on this and another breaking story.

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