Judy Tripodi – Millions in added tax revenue, the Pension issue

In this audio segment, a continuation from part 1, Judy Tripodi discusses the build up of Hoboken’s problems over decades and the rich benefits for public safety which also grew under that time period. Tax appeals are raised and Judy mentions new tax revenues coming online totaling $3 million.

The fiscal state monitor also addresses the $4.2 million in retirement pension costs incurred under the Mayor Roberts administration and gives the options on spreading this out over several years and the various approaches and costs associated. Specifically, Judy explains why this is not an operating cost and how she is working with the elected officials to come up with an agreed solution.

For the record, the public should know that a meeting was held back when Dave Roberts was still mayor with NJ State officials charged with pension administration. Along with the mayor and numerous state and local officials, the state presented the options on how the pension cost could be packaged over several years. (Let the uptown conspiracy loon and its minions chew on that fact for a while. Like the old Soviet Pravda newspaper, you can be sure they’ll come up with a new conspiracy.)



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