The Judy Tripodi Interview – Budget Series (pt. I)

In the comprehensive interview with Judy Tripodi at City Hall last Thursday, the fiscal state monitor discusses the initial efforts entering Hoboken under the circumstances of the city’s serious financial problem with over expenditures and lack of financial controls. Judy highlights the financial accuracy now available nonexistent previous and the timely reports and systems improvements that will serve the town moving forward, especially in the area of each department on a line item basis.

The fiscal state monitor also contrasts the changes in her role now acting in an advisory role to the newly elected mayor and knowledge transfer efforts leading to her inevitable departure emphasizing how annual decisions impact for years ahead and the efforts of her and Finance Director Nick Trasente to set a three to five year roadmap.

There’s some distortion and echo in the first few seconds but it quickly clears up.  This portion of the interview runs just under ten minutes.

Other segments of the interview cover a multitude of topics including audits, forensic accounting, corruption, the 2010 and 2011 budgets and more.

Photo: Sign outside the door to Judy Tripodi’s office.  All rights reserved.

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