Judy Tripodi – Attending Budget Workshop Saturday


In response to MSV inquiries, Judy Tripodi announced she will be attending the Budget Workshop scheduled to begin at 9:00 am on Saturday at City Hall.

The Budget Workshop will have each of the town’s departments make a presentation on their plans for the upcoming fiscal year.  Councilman Mike Lenz who heads the Finance Subcommittee is leading the process.

In addition, while on vacation last week, details of a police union agreement were detailed by Timothy Carroll at the Hudson Reporter.  Responding to the veracity of this, the fiscal state monitor for Hoboken emailed, “This will all play out and the truth will win out!”

Correction: The comment above by the fiscal state monitor relates to the open issues between Hoboken and the Fire Fire Fighters Association in the letter by the Local 1037.  

Update 3:30: Sources confirm the details of the Hudson Reporter’s story on the agreement with the Police union.  Those numbers over the two years previous: increases of 3.9% retroactive and 2.3% this year and next over the four years.

Since this isn’t official, it’s unclear what the town has achieved on the other side of the ledger other than the change of the insurance carrier and unknown savings.  We’ll be looking to confirm and all those details.

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